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Software Licensing Services

Software Licensing Services 

For more than 10 years SageLogix has been helping Oracle customers manage their Oracle software investments. We also offer software licensing services for:

Software Licensing Services include:


  • Strategy:
    SageLogix will assess the business needs and evaluate your current software Licensing to create an actionable plan to increase your total ROI.


  • Design:
    SageLogix will collaborate with you to design an architectural roadmap that will achieve business and IT financial and operational goals.


  • Implementation:
    SageLogix will assist with the implementation of the proposed architecture while mentoring on operational best practices and technology features.


  • Production Support:
    SageLogix can provide support with our Strategic Support Services organization. This can help reduce costs, compliment/augment existing teams and provide you with the support you need to make your business succeed.

  • We offer software licensing services for:
    Oracle On-Premise and Oracle Cloud • VMware

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