Oracle Licensing Services

Oracle Licensing Services:


License Assessments:
SageLogix will assess the business needs and evaluate your current Oracle Licensing providing to you the expert assistance to help reduce "bloat" if moving to the cloud, virtualizing or new infrastructure implementations.


License Audit Assistance:

  • Receive expert advice every step of the way.

  • A straight set of facts and sound legal reasoning will provide you with the confidence when communicating.

  • Communication with Oracle is as important as the sequent and content of the message conveyed. Trust our experienced experts to understand these intricacies and get it right the first time.

  • Eliminate unnecessary Oracle Licensing fees.

  • We will perform a Legal analysis of your contractual Oracle entitlements and compare it to the actual amount of Oracle products that you have installed and in what configurations (i.e. VMware, Oracle Virtualization, non-virtualized, cloud-resident or a combination.

SageLogix will collaborate with you to design an architectural roadmap that will achieve business and IT financial and operational goals.

In addition to Oracle Licensing, we also offer software licensing services for:
VMWARE Licensing •  Microsoft Licensing
Azure Licensing •  AWS Licensing

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