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Cyber Security:
Cyber Threat Hunting Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art Cyber Security Technologies, SageLogix offers Cyber Threat Hunting Analysis Services through partnerships with leading security technology companies such as Mantix4.

No longer is it a head-to-head battle between cyber criminals and cyber professionals. Now, its cyber criminals versus machine-assisted super cyber threat hunters. Game over. Human-orchestrated, machine-assisted professionals efficiently hunting with comprehensive visibility across all the devices, applications and people that make up the network is the key to turning the hunted into the hunter.

Evolving from being hunted to hunting - delivery visibility for machine -assisted super hunters

As was reported in CSO Online:


“Threat Hunting is an offensive posture and a culture that unites man and machine to go on search-and destroy missions. It is not even a new strategy. Over time we came to rely on technology alone for detection, now we need to evolve. We must bring back the human element, the hunters – real people doing the spy work and scouring systems to find malicious code or a piece of malware that technology alone has failed to detect.”

In order to effectively address and respond to the current cyber security threat environment, organizations need to: adopt a proactive security stance that focuses on improving visibility across devices, applications and people; focus on maintaining human-orchestrated responses to human produced attacks; and apply technology wisely.


  • Visibility is the key to stopping advanced threats.

  • Human orchestration is the norm within law enforcement, sports and other scenarios in which the opponent is creative, ambitious and evolving. While some cybersecurity professionals might daydream about automated and analytic driven boxes being ready to replace people, it’s nothing but a fantasy today.

  • Arming cyber threat hunters with the very best technology makes them exceptional. Today, criminals have most of the advantages. They are well financed, don’t fear existing legal consequences, are anonymous, have infinite targets to strike, and are highly motivated. 

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